You haven’t tried real soul food until you’ve sampled the amazing delivery menu at Soul Food Kitchen! Call or stop by today!


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Are you sitting at home or in your office just wishing that you had a piping hot plate of delicious, home-style soul food sitting in front of you? All...

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Soul Food

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Even if you already know there’s nothing more delicious than Southern-style food from Soul Food Kitchen in Orlando, you might not know where all those...

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Whether you're hosting a small dinner or a party for all your friends and family, catering by Soul Food Kitchen is the biggest crowd-pleaser in Orlando...

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Welcome To Soul Food Kitchen

If you’re in the mood for some good old fashioned, down home southern cooking, then you better head to Soul Food Kitchen in Orlando. With mainly delivery and catering services, and a few cozy nook tables for dine-in, you’ll be picking up the phone or stopping by again and again once you’ve tried our delectable dishes!

The delightful dishes on the daily and catering menus at Soul Food Kitchen are famous family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. This is real, Southern, home-style cooking featuring all your favorites, from BBQ Pig Feet to Chitterlings. You’ll find dishes like Wings/Waffles and Macaroni and Cheese that are so authentic, you’d swear you were back home eating your grandma’s recipes.

All of the lunch, dinner, and catering prices here are extremely fair, especially considering the giant portions and the quality of the cuisine—especially when you come for our weekday specials! Everything is priced just-right so that you can enjoy good soul food, good friends, and good fun every day of the week.

The idea behind Soul Food Kitchen is simple: to serve authentic, regional soul food in the Orlando area. With so many satisfying options on our daily menu—which changes every day of the week—as well as our daily specials, sandwiches, sides, al a carte, and dessert menus, you’ll be finding excuses to order out just to get a mouthful of our signature specialties.

Looking to save a buck? We’ve got five dollar plate specials on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Just remember, if you’re ordering delivery or catering, there’s a thirty dollar minimum order, so be sure to sample plenty of the entrees, sides, and desserts on our extensive and traditional soul food menu.

To start enjoying some real down home soul food right away, all you have to do is give us a call here at Soul Food Kitchen, and we’ll take care of your next meal in true Southern style!

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